Raven Display Team chose Sky4Pilots.co.uk covers

Team Raven is an aerobatic display team, which formed in May 2014, all five, now flying RV8s. This outstanding team has performed at many events, including, Swansea Airshow, Volkel Airbase Holland and Ponte de Sor Portugal.

They approached Sky4Covers, requesting personalised Cockpit and Engine covers for the entire team. We offered an exclusive fly-in service, where the team flew into Dunkeswell Airfield and we tested the patterns/discussed the addition of the Team’s logo.


The Team chose Black WeatherMax 80, which is a high-quality, slightly heavier fabric, offering a more durable design. The fabric’s breathability makes it perfect for outdoor use, which was key to Team Raven’s frequent nature of travel. We offer a variety of colours in WeatherMax 80, including, Black, Royal, Scarlet, Burgundy, Chocolate, Taupe and many more.

Sky4Covers offers an additional premium service, which includes a logo/design printed on the cover. The logo was an important feature for the team and after discussing the details, we printed and positioned it onto the covers, as well as manufacturing personalised bags with the logo too.

Before flying away with this bespoke set of covers, The Team flew into Dunkeswell Airfield, where we fitted them.

Team Raven was a unique opportunity for Sky4Covers, to facilitate and specialise a set of exclusive covers, for a select aerobatic team.

Visit their site http://www.ravendisplayteam.com

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