Fuselage Registration Decals

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Fuselage Registration Decals: 300mm high as standard and are approximately 1500mm long.
All registrations come ready for application, they are supplied in a cardboard tube, on backing paper pre prepared with application tape.

High quality monomeric calendered 70µ vinyl, matt, coated with an environmental friendly acrylic dispersion pressure sensitive adhesive. A perfect matt face film in addition to high flexibility.

  • Outdoor durability: 3-5 years
  • Available colours: 35
  • Carrier: monomeric PVC, highly stabilized, calendered
  • Thickness: 70μ +/- 5%
  • Adhesive: clear acrylic dispersion
  • Adhesion: 4,0 N/cm
  • Liner: one-sided clay-coated silicone paper (120 g/m²)

View the full range of colour vinyl form the chart opposite. Examples of the fonts are also shown to help you make a decision.

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Guidlines For Application

• Mark the area with a base line and a beginning and end mark with pencil or masking tape
• Peel the backing off carefully (great care must be taken not to tear or stretch the vinyl at this stage).
• Wet the surface with a clean sponge or lint free cloth, cold water and a small amount of washing up liquid so the surface is moist.
• Position the lettering and roll out from one end, the wet surface allows for repositioning, when satisfied with the final position take a firm squeegee, plastic ruler or soft wooden edge and press the vinyl graphic into the surface, be very firm and even while doing this part. Then very carefully peal off the application tape; being especially careful at the start of a letters edge, the use of a blade might be helpful here to get the letter started.
• When the application tape has been removed use the plastic ruler or squeegee to push out any air bubbles and wipe the surface dry. Allow to dry over night.
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