Covent Garden Covers for Mike Rowland & Sons Wheelrights and Coachbuildrers

Covent Garden is famously known for it’s cobbled Piazza, the Great Arched Market Building, Market Stalls and Coster Barrows.

Mike Rowland & Son Wheelwrights and Coachbuilders, located in Colyton, are a specialist company, producing on average 200 wheels per year, with 80 years of experience in production and restoration. Their work varies from the appointment To Her Majesty The Queen, where they produce and restore Royal Carriages, to the production of new Coster Barrows to populate Covent Garden.

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– Mike Rowlands

During the construction of the Barrows, The Wheelwrights worked with Sky4Covers, where we produced 4 bespoke covers. We used Black WeatherMax 80, because of its high-quality, slightly heavier fabric, offering a more durable design, which was perfect for the stalls frequent use.


The uniqueness of the barrows required great detailing and care when producing the covers. The Barrows store goods beneath them, so the covers needed to hide this section of the stall, as well as making it accessible to reach during use. We also exercised particular detailing/adjustments around the fringe of the barrow, to highlight the distinct carvings on top. In order to protect and transport these valuable covers, we produced purposed designed bags for them to be stored into as well.

This exclusive opportunity to produce a unique and individual set of covers, is just one example of the care, time and quality that Sky4Covers invest in each cover. We value each design just as important and distinct as the next, with the quality and flexibility of these Barrow covers, proving a great success in Covent Garden.


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