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Pilot Collection
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About us

Our story starts back in the mid eighties from inside the couture culture with Sarah making high end men’s shirts for a well known American manufacturer, followed later by a well known German high street brand making designer clothing and jackets. Through the nineties further success was found designing and manufacturing accessories.

While a chance partnership with a local vintage aircraft refurbishment based company in 2003 proved to be the runway for future success. From this threshold a truly bespoke product has been continuously developed with total commitment to quality and purpose. Sky4 Aircraft Covers continues to design and manufacture tailored solutions for today’s Pilots.

Going back to our roots could be considered a logical step, capitalising on all that couture knowledge to offer today’s Pilots with the latest Aviation wear, Sky4 Clothing and Accessories is designed to accomplish just that. Performance with heritage.

Monday – Friday 9:30 20:00
Saturday 11:00 18:00
Sunday Closed

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