SKY4PILOTS are delighted to be selected by the Supermarine S5 Seaplane Charity

SKY4PILOTS proudly support The Supermarine S5 Seaplane Charity. Over the next few years a team of highly respected aviation professionals will build a replica Supermarine S5.

The Supermarine S5 was, and will once again, be a unique aircraft in British aviation.

Historical photos of the Supermarine S5 courtesy of The Supermarine S5 Seaplane Charity

This aircraft was the technology test-bed for the Second World War fighter, the Supermarine Spitfire, the Chief designer at Supermarine was R.J. Mitchell. The S5 was a British engineering legend, winning the famous Schneider Trophy in 1927, achieving a speed of 281.6 mph. Britain won two more consecutive races, to retain and forever keep the Schneider Trophy, which resides in the Science Museum

The team of talented engineers and experienced crew will build a totally authentic replica of this aircraft to modern standards, recreating an icon of British engineering excellence.

SKY4PILOTS are delighted to have been selected by the Supermarine S5 Seaplane Charity to supply a unique made-to-measure protective cover for the S5. Our aircraft covers were chosen because of our exacting detail and quality standards. Reflecting the S5 Seaplane Charity’s own high standards embodied in the aircraft build itself.

SKY4PILOTS joined the Charity team at the official launch of the project. A great day to meet the team and learn more about this amazing aircraft. We look forward to working with the Supermarine S5 Seaplane Charity and we will be posting updates on the project work and in particular our bespoke cover for the S5.

SKY4PILOTS have a history of excellence working with specialist aircraft owners to produce high quality bespoke aircraft covers.

We measure your aircraft to achieve the best fitting cover which will protect the aircraft. A little like a tailor, we create a unique pattern for your aircraft which takes into consideration any antenna or other protrusions on the airframe.

The image opposite shows another project that SKY4COVERS have carried out.  A 1945 De Havilland DH-89A Dominie I / Dragon Rapide fuselage fabric application.

Contact Sarah at SKY4COVERS to discuss your historical aircraft covers.

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