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Sky4Covers have made measuring your aircraft as simple as possible for you. Simply click on the image or this text link to download our 4 page PDF. Either print our PDF or complete the form digitally and upload it here or post your printout the old fashioned way to us.

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Send us your completed PDF forms here -

Aerials are often overlooked by owners when ordering covers and it’s the most commonly adjusted item on a cover after you receive it and fit it for the first time. Of course it is not a problem as we simply take the cover back, adjust it to your requirements and send it back to you.

But all this takes time and effort and a small extra cost, so to avoid this situation a little diligence at the early stages reaps rewards. The PDF has illustrations of a typical aircraft, High Wing, Low Wing, Twin or single the principles remain the same; we establish a datum and measure from it to the Item (Transponder & Com Aerials, Temp Probes, GPS Antennae, Static Wicks, ELT, Pitot, Tank Breather etc.) along the surface of the aircraft.

Often more than one measurement is required to place the item in three dimensional space so we combine it’s longitudinal value with its Lateral value (taken from the fuselage centreline or wing root.

It is worth noting we have many of the standard points already logged on our patterns but these days there are so many additions such as ELT’s and multiple GPS antennae that we cannot account for them.

The final area worth bearing in mind are cover straps: (almost) every cover needs strapping on to an airframe and these pass underneath the fuselage, wings and tailplane, more often than not they miss Transponder antennae, Pitots and belly mounted ADF Sensors but they can be worth noting.


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