Softouch Odyssey

The purpose:

Our SOFTTOUCH Odyssey fabric is resistant to scratching and provides the ultimate non-abrasive surface to cover. SOFTTOUCH Odyssey’s sturdy nature, high water repellence and high abrasion resistance, makes it the perfect fabric for outdoor use. 

What makes it special?

Unlike other fabrics, SOFTTOUCH Odyssey is a combination of an acrylic coated woven polyester and a soft non-woven backer of 100% polyester.

How it works: 

SOFTTOUCH Odyssey is comprised of a soft backing, which makes the cover resistant to scratching and practical for outdoor use. The non-woven backer provides a non-abrasive surface ensuring that painted, gel coated or otherwise delicate surfaces on the underside are protected. This material also facilitates the strength, dimensional stability and water and abrasion resistance which the Odyssey range possess, but with the added assurance of protection. 


The water repellent nature of SOFTTOUCH Odyssey, means that the surface is non breathable. We design in ventilation pockets when requested but more often than not the design of a cover allows sufficient air movement.

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