Stratus Plus Fabric for Aircraft Covers

Introducing Stratus Plus, our latest innovation in the outdoor covers collection, providing exceptional performance at a more affordable price. This all-year-round outdoor solution effectively protects your airframe from sun, rain, and harsh weather conditions.

Distinctive Features:
Stratus Plus is a high-quality outdoor cover with no compromises. It offers waterproofing, exceptional UV resistance, mold and soil resistance, and breathability within the membrane structure. The competitive pricing is an added benefit.

Weighing 290gsm, Stratus Plus is comparable to Stratus Pro in weight. It features a fluorocarbon finish, remarkable abrasion resistance, strength, durability, antistatic properties, semi-breathable -20% and a soft touch.

Ease of Use:
Stratus Plus is easy to live with, showcasing excellent drape characteristics that conform well to the airframe. Its easy-to-clean, low-absorbency finish and PU coating ensure colorfastness for years, even under intense UV exposure. The antistatic nature prevents any unwanted static buildup from handling.

Cleaning and Maintenance:
Stratus Plus can be washed at low temperatures or by hand using gentle soap flakes, allowing for easy upkeep.

Color Options:
Stratus Plus is available in Black, Royal Blue, Red, and Light Grey, providing a variety of choices to suit your preferences.

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