Protech 90 for Hangars

Protech 90 Specialist Hangar Covers

The purpose:

Protech 90 is a lightweight and waterproof polyester microfibre fabric specifically designed for hanger-only use. Its unique breathable material allows moisture to escape and keep airframe surfaces protected from dust, dirt, and insects. This fabric is fast and easy to install, making it a cost-effective solution for hanger covers.

What makes it special?

This Protech 90 aircraft cover is the perfect solution for protecting your aircraft while it’s stored in the hangar. It is designed specifically for this purpose, making it highly cost-effective. Not only does it provide your aircraft with protection from the elements, but it is also designed to be lightweight and easy to move around. This cover is perfect for anyone looking for a cost-effective way to protect their aircraft while it is housed in a hangar.

How it works: 

Protech 90 works similarly to breathable performance sportswear clothing, allowing moisture to move out through the material to reduce surface humidity. This microfiber fabric will protect airframe surfaces from dust, dirt, and insects, while remaining lightweight and safe from outdoor elements.

Water repellence: 

Protech 90 is a lightweight and versatile cover designed to protect your aircraft from dirt and other hangar issues. Its water-repellent properties make it ideal for indoor use, as it can be quickly and easily put on and taken off. The fabric is designed to repel water, preventing any moisture from seeping through onto your airframe.

Try Protech 90 today and enjoy its unique breathability and waterproof design, perfect for hanger-only use. With its light weight and fast installation, you can keep costs low and maintain the protection of your airframe. Occasional outdoor use is also possible, but for heavy-duty outdoor use, try our other fabrics for improved security.

Protech 90

Available only in Grey


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