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Sky4Pilots goes beyond the cover. Aviation accessories have played an instrumental role throughout aircraft history, with pioneering pilots such as Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart, which have both worn quality leather sourced clothing. From the first flight helmets being leather based, to the famous ‘Bomber Jacket’, aircraft accessories are diverse and essential products, which are continuously being adapted.

Sky4Accessories produces a modernised style of vintage feeling accessories, including Key Rings, Belts and Jackets. Our exclusive range offers a unique touch, where you can personalise each item with your aircraft’s registration, as we believe our products should be just as distinguished as your aeroplane. There’s nothing more worthwhile than investing in a brand which cares for its craft and values a pilot’s needs.

Our carefully crafted designs are robust enough to last a lifetime of flights, excursions and trips, whilst displaying each item’s personalised design. Quality is pivotal across Sky4Pilots, whether it’s quality of service or production. That’s why at Sky4Assessories, we try to source as much of our products locally; selecting a high calibre of suppliers, such as our very local tannery.

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