Lead time for aircraft covers is two weeks from taking order. With pattern in stock.

All Sky 4 Aircraft Covers come with a bespoke bag for ease of stowage.


The new WeatherMax80 fabric has taken away the need to make a choice between a waterproof and a breathable fabric by offering a solution to both. The WeatherMax has a HydroMax finish which ensures there is no need for extra coatings. This makes the WeatherMax lightweight, water resistant, non sagging and durable. The HydroMax finish also provides excellent breathability to help reduce condensation and mildew.

WeatherMax is woven using SaturaMax yarn. SaturaMax yarn technology gives this fabric the same long term colour retention associated with acrylic materials, but with the significant advantage of higher strength, stability and abrasion resistance.

SOFTOUCH™ Odyssey is the perfect fabric for those looking for protection while also worried about damaging the painted, gel coated or otherwise delicate surface on the underside. While regular fabrics can scratch these, SOFTOUCH™ will not, due to its soft backing. Utilizing our ODYSSEY™ fabric that is laminated to a special non-woven backer, SOFTOUCH™ provides the ultimate non-abrasive surface to cover and protect your airframe. Performance and Luxury, SOFTOUCH™ Odyssey.

We design in ventilation pockets when requested but more often than not the design of a cover allows sufficient air movement. SOFTOUCH™ Odyssey can be cleaned and re-proofed with the manufacturer’s products (see cover care). Available in colours to the right.

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