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WeatherMAX LT

(Light Touring) 

The purpose:

At Sky4Pilots we understand the importance of providing a versatile range of fabrics, that’s why we offer both WeatherMax 80 and WeatherMax LT, which differ in weight and durability. Just like the WeatherMax 80 fabric, WeatherMax LT is water resistant and breathable, however its lighter weight makes it ideal as a touring and hangar cover. The lighter design means it compacts and folds away in a bag for stowing easily. 

What makes it special?

WeatherMax fabric has taken away the need to make a choice between a waterproof and a breathable fabric by offering a solution to both. WeatherMax is highly breathable but still water resistant.

How it works: 

The ability of the fabric to breathe is essential in reducing dampness, heat build-up and condensation. This in turn reduces the chances of problems such as, mould, mildew, osmosis etc.

SaturaMax yarn:

WeatherMax is made from the SaturaMax yarn, which ensures the highest quality coloured yarn is produced, offering a superior colour consistency, light fastness and strength characteristics. 

HydroMax finish:

HydroMax is a highly water repellent impregnated finish that helps give WeatherMax the ability to protect against heavy rain while keeping its breathability and dimensional stability. The finish is also highly resistant to dirt and staining. An anti-microbial component is also added to the finish to help prevent any potential mildew or mould growth on top of the fabric.

WeatherMax woven:

WeatherMax LT is woven using a standard plain weave to help reduce weight and give the fabric a smoother and lighter feel.

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