Tecnam P2008


Lead time for aircraft covers is two weeks from taking order. With pattern in stock.

Why not add a bespoke bag for ease of stowage to your order? *

*Stowage bags are not supplied with cover orders and are an additional item


The new WeatherMax80 fabric has taken away the need to make a choice between a waterproof and a breathable fabric by offering a solution to both. The WeatherMax has a HydroMax finish which ensures there is no need for extra coatings. This makes the WeatherMax lightweight, water resistant, non sagging and durable. The HydroMax finish also provides excellent breathability to help reduce condensation and mildew.

WeatherMax is woven using SaturaMax yarn. SaturaMax yarn technology gives this fabric the same long term colour retention associated with acrylic materials, but with the significant advantage of higher strength, stability and abrasion resistance.

SOFTOUCH™ Odyssey is the perfect fabric for those looking for protection while also worried about damaging the painted, gel coated or otherwise delicate surface on the underside. While regular fabrics can scratch these, SOFTOUCH™ will not, due to its soft backing. Utilizing our ODYSSEY™ fabric that is laminated to a special non-woven backer, SOFTOUCH™ provides the ultimate non-abrasive surface to cover and protect your airframe. Performance and Luxury, SOFTOUCH™ Odyssey.

We design in ventilation pockets when requested but more often than not the design of a cover allows sufficient air movement. SOFTOUCH™ Odyssey can be cleaned and re-proofed with the manufacturer’s products (see cover care). Available in colours to the right.

Protech 90 – enjoy its unique breathability and waterproof design, perfect for hanger-only use. With its light weight and fast installation, you can keep costs low and maintain the protection of your airframe. Occasional outdoor use is also possible, but for heavy-duty outdoor use, try our other fabrics for improved security.

Professional Textile Care Kit for Full Cover Set


Cleaning With Ultramar Shampoo

In time your cover will become generally dirty and contaminated. It is essential that WeatherMax is cleaned properly to remove soiling and reduce the chance of any algae build up or mildew. For regular cleaning we recommend using Ultramar Sprayhood & Tent Shampoo. It is easy and safe to use and has been specifically developed for regular use to remove dirt, algae and fungi.

First wet out the cloth with fresh water. The shampoo is ready mixed. Apply the shampoo directly on to the cloth and rub in with a soft brush to soak the cloth. Ideally use the Ultramar soft brush. Allow the product to work for 20 minutes and then rinse with plenty of fresh water and using the brush. In cases of heavy and persistent contamination repeat the above. Allow cover to dry completely and then reproof with Ultramar Sprayhood & Tent Protector to restore water repellency and protect against contamination.

Cleaning With Ultramar Power Cleaner

In case of very heavy contamination with deeply absorbed algae stains and mildew spots, we recommend using Ultramar Power Cleaner. The power cleaner is ready mixed. Apply the power cleaner directly on to the affected area and rub in with a soft brush to soak the cloth. Allow the product to work for one hour. If the stains remain reapply the power cleaner and brush again. Leave and repeat until the stains disappear. This may take several hours. Then brush with plenty of fresh water and rinse thoroughly. Allow the cover to dry completely and then reproof with Ultramar Sprayhood & Tent Protector to restore water repellency and protect against contamination.

Ultramar Power Cleaner should only be used to remove very heavy contamination and staining that cannot otherwise be removed with Ultramar Sprayhood and Tent Shampoo. It should not be used alone as your regular cleaner.

Ultramar Power Cleaner contains cleaning and bleaching agents. Do not use Ultramar Power Cleaner on nylon threads or leave in contact with aluminum fittings. Rinse immediately with fresh water if necessary.

Protecting With Ultramar Protector

The Ultramar Sprayhood & Tent Protector has been specifically developed to impregnate your cover to provide outstanding water repellency and protection against contamination from dirt, algae and mildew. The cover must be both clean and dry. The protector is easy and safe to use and is ready mixed. Apply the protector directly on to the cover with a soft brush to get an even coverage and work into the surface, ensuring the fabric, seams, stitching, zippers and detailing are well impregnated. Alternatively apply the protector with the Ultramar Fine Sprayer. We also recommend treating the inside of the cover for maximum protection. Leave the cover to dry.

The protector is water based but avoid application or splashing to windows, deck and other surfaces etc. Wipe away any splashes with a damp cloth and rinse with fresh water. Any residual splashes or streaks on windows can be easily cleaned away with shampoo or cleaning spirit.


£94.00 Excl. VAT

Sun & Rain Pilots Umbrella with a WeatherMax 80 Cover


A 100% Polyester pongee fabric Umbrella with a Windproof frame and shaft

made from fiberglass and is non-lightning conductive, With a comfortable ergonomic handle.

£31.76 Excl. VAT

Pilots Baseball Cap (Unisex)


A personalised design that uses your aircraft registration embroidered on the port flank.

The stylish 6 panel construction with stitched ventilation eyelets help to show the high quality feel and cut.

Incorporating structured front panels and a pre-curved visor with eight rows of stitching.

The Stretch fit sweatband ensures a perfect fit every time and a closed back construction provides dual decoration.

98% cotton/2% elastane.


Lead time on personalised clothing and accessories is seven days from receipt of your order.

£12.49 Excl. VAT

Sky4 Pilots Flying Jacket


A rugged and practical warm Jacket featuring high utility pockets that are ideal for all those pilot essentials such as pencils, pens, mobiles and Pitot covers.

190T polyester taffeta diamond quilted lining means this premium jacket is very very comfortable.

Polyester padding. Waterproof 3000mm with taped seams. Windproof. Collar high full length zip. Micro fleece lined stand up collar.

Semi detachable left chest pocket, Multi-feature right chest pocket, Left sleeve pocket, Inner pocket, Deep side pockets.

D-ring. Elasticated ribbed cuffs and hem. Reflective chest piping for increased visibility.

£45.83 Excl. VAT

Pilots Jacket Lightweight (Unisex)


A comfortable lightweight showerproof windproof and breathable jacket with your own registration printed on the High Viz Vest.

The soft stretch characteristics mean it can accommodate the detachable high Viz Vest ensuring you never forget to leave the airfield without one again!

94% polyester/6% elastane outer, Polyester fleece backed and Mesh lined front panels.

Right chest zip pocket, Two front zip pockets, Tear release adjustable cuffs, Drawcord hem.

Three layer soft shell.


Lead time on personalised clothing and accessories is seven days from receipt of your order.

£45.83 Excl. VAT