Acrylic Canvass

The purpose:

Our Acrylic Canvass fabric is distinguished by its waterproofness, excellent stability and a great protection against UV rays. Its firm and heavy design makes it a practical all-weather cover. 

What makes it special?

The Acrylic Canvas fabric is produced out of a solution dyed acrylic fibre, which means there’s no mixing or dyeing during the finishing process. 

How it works: 

The solution dyeing process adds pigments to the molecule of the fibre, creating links that are difficult to break even after some years, making it stronger than those of yarn-dyeing or fabric dyeing. As a result, the maximum quality and durability of the Acrylic Canvas fabric is achieved. 

Water repellence: 

During the finishing process, Teflon is used to create a barrier which reinforces the water repellence and delays the dirt adherence. 

Acrylic Canvass Swatches

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